About us

The Richest Men In Town is about more than just the original podcast.  It is more than the blog.  It is even more than the YouTube channel, the merch, the tour stops, the personal development seminars…Ok, some of that does not even exist yet but the idea behind the real answer to the question “What is RMIT?” is…it is a movement.  Consider it like a wake up call to like-minded folks to be better.  Inspired by our hero George Bailey from the 1946 classic holiday movie It’s a Wonderful Life, it is an intentional effort to send the message to anyone that will listen that George Bailey had it right.  Life, with all of its chaos, mistakes, and cruel unfairness, really is wonderful when you get it right.  What does “get it right” mean?  Therein lies the quest of RMIT.

It’s true that the Richest Men In Town movement (we love the sound of that!) was launched during the global COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020, but it was conceived way before that.  It is a product of road trips, date nights, game nights, old man Saturday football games, backyard barbecues, campfire chats, rounds of unbelievably bad golf, youth dance duties, Final Four “sick” days, and countless other events and activities that brought Mike Freeman and Tyler Goold (and their motley crew of friends) together to talk about life.  The battle is in the fight between who we are (in all of our life roles) and who we need to be.  The hypothesis is that if we look at the people around us through the lens of a curious learner, then our world will be full of teachers ready to show us a thing or two about being better and living a “rich life”.

Better.  Stronger.  Together.

Our Mission

We believe that there are powerful lessons in the lives of others and we find joy in discovering these moments. Our relationships with our guests are everything and are forged through a commitment to curiosity, understanding, and listening. Humility and compassion mark our journey together.  Through authentic and vulnerable sharing, we unveil the richness of a life well-lived in the middle of the hard things we experience. We honor these “rich men” as our heroes and their stories are gifts.  We receive them with gratitude and grace and do all that we can to share these gifts with the world, with the hope of lifting ourselves and others to a better place.