At RMIT our relationships with our guests are everything and are forged through a commitment to curiosity, understanding, and listening. Humility and compassion mark our journey together.  


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Has It Hit You Yet?

The other night Mrs. Freeman and I were sitting on the couch watching some television and Mrs. Freeman suddenly looked at me and asked, “Has it hit...

Thinking About Fleas

As we all know, all books are not created equal. There are books and then there are books that change who we are. Maybe it is the story or the...

Thinking About Time

For starters, I do not have any tattoos. Lots of reasons why but that is not my point. If I were to get a tattoo, I would be tempted to get the...

Driven vs. Drifting

Episode 12 of our podcast, Richest Men In Town In a recent conversation that Tyler Goold and I had in Episode 12 of our podcast, Richest Men In Town...


Episode #24 “Be a Leaf in the Stream” I feel like every episode of our podcast, Richest Men In Town, is like one of my kids and I know that I am not...

Daring Greatly

Episode #16: “Unashamed” As I think back on the time that we had in Episode #16 “Unashamed” with Nick Anderson on the Richest Men In Town...

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