High School Musical

Episode #5: “High School Musical”

Sometimes in life you meet that person that is just good at everything.  When this happens you have two choices of what you can do.  The first option is get far away from them because they just make you look bad.  The second option is to get close, hold on and tell everyone that you are their friend. If you do that, maybe people will think  you’re good at everything too! Maybe not but its an idea anyway.  Gavin Spencer is one of those “good at everything” guys.  His athletic ability is off the charts,  his compassion for others is admirable, his love and passion for his work is inspiring and he can sing.  That’s right he can sing on top of all of that.  Before you walk away taking option one from above,  spend a few minutes with Gavin Spencer and listen to what drives him to be the best he can in all areas of his life.  Are there things that you want to improve on?  Gavin talks about the inspiration of others and how he uses that to push him to raise the bar for himself in all areas of his life.  

So in an effort to apply some of Gavins lessons let’s take a minute and talk about those principles and how we can use them for our own improvement. 

  1. Family – Gavin talks about his mother and the inspiration she was and is to him as he tries to take parts of her personality that inspire him. 
  2. Always be helping others – Through his work Gavin has found an outlet to always be on the look out for those that are in need of a little extra attention.  Who do you know in your life that is looking for someone to talk to and to understand them?  
  3. Find a mentor or mentors – Believe it or not someone else has been to the summit of the mountain.  We would do well to follow the council of Gavin and find those people that have done it before us and learn what made them successful.  

Opt for option two and get close to Gavin by listening to his episode and hold on to him and go ahead and tell them is your friend.  Trust us,  he won’t mind. 

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