Episode #101: Jonas Stotts-“The Beach Boys Changed My Life”

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Tyler and Mike invite Jonas Stotts to pull up a chair and share the journey that has led to the rich life that he is living in Florida these days. The talk leading into their time together is all about comebacks and momentum and Jonas has definitely bounced back from some struggles. He lets the guys in on a handful of people that have come into his life and changed everything. From his kids, Brendan and Bradley, and his wife Victoria to his third-grade teacher Mrs. Kapranopoulos, Jonas has learned how to live his best life. He has evolved to turn weaknesses into strengths and differences into superpowers. Jonas and the guys geek out about music a bit. Jonas shares his creative influences and it is a deep bag. Thank you Beach Boys Pet Sounds album for helping to make Jonas the amazing person that he is today. To Jonas, thanks for showing up brother. Thanks for teaching us that being different is actually how we can make a difference in the world around us. Keep going!   

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