Episode #102: Travis Richey-“But God”

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In This Episode:
Mike and Tyler sit down with a one-of-a-kind guest. Travis Richey joins the program to share his story of how his adversity became his biggest asset. Travis comes to the program through their mutual friend Portia Louder. Like Portia, Travis spent time in prison. 17,525 hours to be exact. With that time, Travis seized the opportunity to recreate what he wanted his life to look like and with his wife Melissa and their four kids he is living that dream today. Travis walks the guys through an incredible journey of redemption and the work that he is doing everyday to serve and give back to those still “inside”. Get the sequence right…programming leads to beliefs, beliefs lead to attitudes, attitudes lead to feelings, feelings lead to actions, and actions lead to results. Travis is getting results and changing lives in the process. His is the story of real, authentic faith and a “sweat creates sanity” approach to living free and powerful lives. His time is his superpower and listeners will feel a little more powerful with the time they spend tuning into the truth that Travis shares.   
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