Episode #109-Bryan Bunker: “Palms Up”

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In This Episode:
Mike and Tyler sit down with the one and only Bryan Bunker. In the Goold family circle, Bryan is legendary and after spending some time with him, you’ll agree. Bryan brings insight and perspective that is exactly what the doctor ordered. What starts as a conversation about physical fitness and health evolves into a master class on flipping switches, slaying dragons, parenting with influence, and checking in with God. Through it all, Bryan takes the guys on his journey to living his best life and striving to be the best version of himself that he can be. He teaches us the importance of allowing ourselves to be flawed, to stop comparing, and start asking more “What if’s?” And if we sit in our questions long enough, answers will find us. He has some formulas for all of us to take in and consider and he’s giving them away to anyone that will listen. To Bryan, thank you for showing up with the guys and sharing your rich life. In the end, it’s about living “palms up” and accepting all that this life has to teach.

Show Notes

Who Said It…

  • “Before you try to increase your willpower, try to decrease the friction in your environment.” -James Clear
  • “Comparison is the thief of joy.” -Theodore Roosevelt
  • β€œIn mathematics, our freedom lies in the questions we ask – and in how we pursue them – but not in the answers awaiting us.” -Steven Strogatz
  • “If you sit in the question, the answer will find you.” -Quote from the movie Marry Me
  • “When you’ve exhausted all possibilities, remember you haven’t.” -Thomas Edison