Episode #112: Jared Brock-“I Need a Hug”

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In This Episode:
Mike and Tyler sit down with a friend of Tyler’s from his Ohio days. Jared Brock joins the podcast to share what his “richest men in town” life is looking like these days. Jared and the guys do their best to “sell adulthood” and in true RMIT fashion, the discussion covers a lot of ground. Jared shares some unique perspective on the idea of making time and living our lives in alignment with priorities. He shares examples from his life of faith and courage. He also gets real and lets the guys in on some recent news that has him taking inventory and trying to wake up every day with the goal of being his kids’ hero. Tough to beat that. Through it all, he’s doing his best to keep the faith of his parents alive and strong in his own story. To Jared Brock, thank you for showing up in the lives of those that love you. You are our hero. Keep going brother!

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  • “I have learned that not shrinking is more important than surviving.” -Neal A. Maxwell