Episode #127: Nick Skulavik-“I Can Do Anything”

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In This Episode:
Mike introduces Tyler to one of his favorite human beings. Nick Skulavik jumps onto the RMIT podcast to share his story with anyone that will listen. He has a lot to be thankful for these days and he lets the guys in on the journey that he has been on to improve himself and keep the fire stoked. This episode has a little bit of everything…from junk on cheese and the boneless wing debate (again!) to the importance of creativity and the miracle of healing. Top it all off with a boy named Havoc and hopefully, listeners will learn what Nick has-that life and loved ones are precious, that cussing isn’t cool, and that we can do anything. To Lexy, Sonora, Marlowe, and Havoc…you’re dad is our hero. To Nick…thanks for showing up and making your folks proud.  Keep going brother!