Episode #134: Jeremy Waldram-“Giving Space”

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In This Episode:
Tyler and Mike sit down for an incredible and empowering conversation with Jeremy Waldram. Jeremy is a lot of things to a lot of people and he is learning a lot from life lately. The guys get into all of the good things, lessons from today with kids graduating and the really sweet lessons from yesterday that have made all the difference. As always, they’re everywhere…from weathering storms to growing character. From the “transfer portal culture” to watering your own grass, the guys cover an amazing spectrum of topics. In the end, they discover that some love and a hug at the right time and the right place might be the most powerful thing of all. To Jeremy, thank you for living life the way that you are doing it. Keep going brother! 

Show Notes:

Ima Tongi’s American Idol Audition
Lakers vs. Warriors Game 6
Alma 32

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