Episode #138: Brian Grow-“Go Chase Struggle”

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In This Episode:
We welcome back someone that needs no introduction to the RMIT podcast. The guest is Brian Grow and the conversation is rich and real as the guys catch up and dig in. Brian lets listeners in on life lessons and the guys add their two cents along the way. The result is an “unpolished” collection of nothing but the good stuff. As is always the case with Mr. Grow, the discussion covers a lot of ground. Here’s a few of the highlights:
-battling “stuff”
-teaching kids when they are ready to learn
-modeling repentance and change
-family culture
-loving and waiting
-double down on ourselves
-struggling with hard things
-talking to someone for help
-finding commonalities
-foundational truths
To Brian, thanks for the reminders and for the vulnerability. We all need help and we all need to sit down with friends sometimes to get through things. You are welcome anytime! The takeaway from this one (and every RMIT episode!) is that this life is rich in any season and the invitation to any and all is always the same…to reflect and do something about what you hear.

Show Notes

“So you’re passionate? How passionate? What actions does your passion lead you to do? If the heart doesn’t find a perfect rhyme with the head, then your passion means nothing.” -Bono 

Book of Mormon-Moroni 8:25-26
How Will You Measure Your Life by Clayton Christiansen 
Atomic Habits by James Clear
Simon Sinek on Short-term vs. Long-term

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