Episode #147: Jonathan Anderson-“I Agree with Jonathan”

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In This Episode:
Since the days of season 1, Mike has been talking about getting Jonathan Anderson on the Richest Men in Town podcast, and in this episode it finally happens. Jonathan is doing some incredible things now as the Executive Director/CEO of the Good News Rescue Mission in Redding, California and the story of how he got where he is today is the stuff of RMIT legends. In his time with the guys, Jonathan provides a master class in change with all the ingredients of an incredible story including conflict, prayers answered, mentors, the power of authentic love, and radical transformation. Jonathan’s spiritual momentum has taken him from the streets of East Oakland to college to the silence and solitude of a French monastery to meeting Michelle to raising boys to helping repair broken lives and he is not done. Jonathan is a reminder to all of us to trust God with all of the pieces of our story. If He’s real, if He’s good, and if He has our best interests in mind then why are we worried? 

Show Notes


  • “The other side of fear is freedom. The other side of pain is growth. The other side of conflict is relationship.” -Jonathan Anderson


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