Episode #27: Ashton Buswell-“Life or the Galaxy?”

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In this episode…
Ashton Buswell joins the program this week and the guys get into all kinds of great discussions with Ashton.  Just a few of the many topics discussed include:

  • Dealing with distractions
  • Intentionality
  • Improving relationships 
  • Being present
  • Honoring others

Show Notes

Who said it…

  • “To overcome our challenges, all that is required is the courage to ask for help.” –Simon Sinek
  • “When we help ourselves, we find moments of happiness.  When we help others, we find lasting fulfillment.” –Simon Sinek
  • “Admitting that I didn’t know something and asking for help was perhaps the single best lesson I ever learned.” –Simon Sinek



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Episode 27