Episode #30: Tyler and Mike-“Too Old for Turkey Bowl?”

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Episode #30: “Too Old for Turkey Bowl?”

In this episode…
Tyler and Mike go sans guest and kick around all kinds of things.  Part old man venting, part checking in and holding each other accountable, this week’s episode is like RMIT Unplugged with the guys going unscripted and letting their hair down.  Topics include:

  • Tyler getting his first prescription reading glasses
  • Mike considers one of the eternal questions of the soul…”Am I too old to play in the Turkey Bowl?”
  • Turkey Bowl breakdown
  • Losing legendary status right in front of your kid
  • Celebrations and gratitude shout outs
  • Importance of kindness 

Show Notes

Who said it…

  • RMIT Mission Statement: We believe that there are powerful lessons in the lives of others and we find joy in discovering these moments. Our relationships with our guests are everything and are forged through a commitment to curiosity, understanding, and listening. Humility and compassion mark our journey together.  Through authentic and vulnerable sharing, we unveil the richness of a life well lived in the middle of the hard things we experience. We honor these “rich men” as our heroes and their stories are gifts.  We receive them with gratitude and grace and do all that we can to share these gifts with the world, with the hope of lifting ourselves and others to a better place.