Episode #44: Melissa and Aaron Englebright-“A Holy Demolition”

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In this episode…
Tyler and Mike break the mold…again.  This time, the guys sit down with Melissa and Aaron Englebright and the talk gets real.  The Englebrights let listeners in on the journey that they have been through and are still going through as they work on building a strong marriage.  They speak up to tear down the myths and stigmas about getting help…help from friends, help from spiritual leaders, and help from therapists.  Their story shows the courage it takes to go through a “holy demolition” with the hope that Christ can heal and that the love that they have is worth the wrestle.  And their house still stands…

Topics include:

  • Sin
  • Shame
  • Therapy
  • Strong foundations
  • Owning our “stuff”
  • Repentance
  • Tearing down to build it better
  • Personal change
  • Sanctification through struggle

Show Notes

Who said it…

  • “We do not live in this moment. We, in fact, try desperately to get out of it-by thinking, doing, talking, worrying, remembering, hoping, whatever. We pay thousands of dollars to have a device in our pockets to ensure that we are never bored. We sign up for endless activities and obligations, chase money and accomplishments, all with the naïve belief that at the end of it will be happiness.  Remember there’s no greatness in the future. Or clarity. Or insight. Or happiness. Or peace. There is only this moment.” –Ryan Holiday in Stillness is the Key
  • “Holding a grudge is like drinking poison and hoping the other person to die.” -John Bytheway