Episode #53: Bryan Beverley-“One Night I Was Jumping Out of an Airplane”

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In this episode…
The guys sit down with their first Army Ranger and he did not disappoint.  Bryan Beverley has lived and is living a crazy, wild, and rich life.  In this episode, Bryan lets the guys in on “training exercise” adventures that will blow your hair back.  Going back a bit further, the guys talk to Bryan about growing up and lessons learned from grandpa’s farm in Idaho to high school in Panama.  That’s right, Panama.  And Panama is just the start of Bryan’s travels.  Through it all, Bryan seeks answers to his question and follows where that faith leads him.  It leads to an angel/concert pianist named Janette, a beautiful family with 5 kids, retirement, and who knows what comes next. The guys talk about all kinds of topics, including:

  • Mike’s guitar and song-writing abilities
  • Origins of leadership
  • The things we tell ourselves
  • Protein shakes
  • Baptizing villages
  • Grenades at your feet
  • Spheres of control, influence, and concern
  • Capture the Flag

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