Episode #55: Colonel Richard Moody-“A Million Boxes”

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Tyler and Mike experience a life-changing conversation with Retired Air Force Colonel Richard Moody.  In 2003, Dick received a phone call from his daughter who was deployed overseas.  She reported that troop morale was devastating and asked Dad to do something to help.  Over 18 years later, Dick is the President of the non-profit organization Operation Troop Support and his group of dedicated volunteers have shipped out more than 1,000,000 care packages.  Let that sink in…Dick is just a faith-filled husband, dad, soldier, and patriot trying to meet the needs of soldiers in harm’s way a long way from home.  He teaches the guys about commitment, service, and duty.  Dick needs our help and we put the call of action to anyone listening to visit Operation Troop Support’s website and give what they can to help this great work.  A care package costs $17 to ship.  That’s a great place to start.  Drew Barrymore, thanks for giving $1,000.  We will see your $1,000 and raise you a couple.  Let’s keep Dick’s group going.

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