Episode #58: Dave Voigtlaender-“This Setback Set Up My Comeback”

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The guys call Dave Voigtlaender back for round 2 and they get a life update on the latest shenanigans from Voigtlaender family.  Dave lets folks in on the recent setback of being laid off from his corporate job of 11 years and how he uses that adversity to set up his comeback.  With faith, support from family and friends, and some good old fashioned guts, Dave is enjoying a new-found freedom and living a life that he would have never imagined.  His invitation to all of us is to “get out of bed” and go get the next great thing God has in store for each of us.  Topics from the conversation include:

  • Adversity
  • Identity
  • Grieving
  • Freedom
  • We are not our jobs
  • Core values
  • Impact/influence
  • Challenging limits

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Episode 58