Episode #90: Dan Ferrarese-“See the Possibilities”

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The guys hosted an amazing conversation with a friend of a friend that has instantly become a close friend and brother. Dan Ferrarese joins the program courtesy of a referral from one of RMIT’s favorite guests, Steven Mitchell. Dan is an artist and a work of art himself and he lets Tyler and Mike in on his life journey. It’s a journey of hinge moments in drive-ins and delis…remarkable experiences that helped him to develop a relationship with God, find the love of his life Cathy and life-long friends, and use his talents to create. And create he does. Whether it is with glass, or metal, or wood, or paint, or. food…you get the idea. The guys get another master class in the rich life. The end result of this one is a two-hour invitation to draw closer to God and Jesus Christ and deepen relationships with them and all of  the wonderful people that they have put in our lives. And while we’re at it, let’s all have some fun and jump into the creative adventure that is life. Dan’s art is his ministry and his ministry “is what’s before him”. We can all be better by listening. Keep going Dan and thanks for showing up!

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