Episode #92: Beth Harding Young-“Elevate Your View”

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In This Episode:
Mike and Tyler make a new friend in Beth Harding Young. Beth comes to RMIT via Joe Elkins (check out Episode #49 “Sister Sonya’s Sopapillas”) and is a powerhouse of a woman, dedicated to learning from life and committed to helping others to elevate their views and live life at their healthiest. She is a covenant keeper who loves Bob, her kids, pickleball, and Tai Chi and that’s just the short list! In her time with the guys (which definitely was not enough!), she lets them in on everything that she is dealing with including her recovery from a very serious car accident just before Thanksgiving. She shares her faith and the intentional things that she does to keep her faith vibrant. How she found the gospel of Jesus Christ will have all of our listeners pondering on the power of the Holy Ghost to bear witness of truth. To Beth, thank you for your show up and for all of the good that you do in your world. Keep going and come back soon!

Show Notes

Who Said It…

  • “Receive more faith by doing something that requires more faith.” –Russell M. Nelson
  • “Fred sometimes referred to his program as “tending soil.” His role was to provide the soil, and he relied on the Holy Spirit to turn it into holy ground.” – Amy Hollingsworth, the Simple Faith of Mister Rogers.