Episode #3: Toby Crawford-“On Chains and Change”

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In this episode, Tyler and Mike sit down with their good friend Toby Crawford to discuss a few of the things that Toby has learned about living “the richest men in town” life.  A few of the topics covered in the conversation include:

  • Personal change
  • Service/giving beyond self
  • Overcoming adversity

Listen as the hosts of the program explore Toby’s rich life and the choices that he has made with the hope of applying those lessons to their lives.  

Show Notes:

Who is…

Who said it…

  • Rosa Luxemburg, “Those who do not move, do not notice their chains.”
  • James Clear on Entropy
  • Bad Religion on Entropy
  • Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis:
    •  “Remember, he is not, like you, a pure spirit. Never having been a human (oh, that abominable advantage of the Enemy’s!) you don’t realize how enslaved they are to the pressure of the ordinary. I once had a patient, a sound atheist, who used to read in the British Museum. One day, as he sat reading, I saw a train of thought in his mind beginning to go the wrong way. The Enemy, of course, was at his elbow in a moment. Before I knew where I was I saw my twenty years’ work beginning to totter. If I had lost my head and begun to attempt a defense by argument, I should have been undone. But I was not such a fool. I struck instantly at the part of the man which I had best under my control, and suggested that it was just about time he had some lunch. The Enemy presumably made the countersuggestion (you know how one can never quite overhear what He says to them?) that this was more important than lunch. At least I think that must have been His line, for when I said, “Quite. In fact much TOO important to tackle at the end of a morning,” the patient brightened up considerably; and by the time I had added “Much better come back after lunch and go into it with a fresh mind,” he was already halfway to the door.”