Episode #129: Jordan Heberlein-“Enjoy Right Now”

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The guys welcome Jordan Heberlein to the RMIT podcast and the result is a powerful reminder to anyone and everyone that listens that tomorrow is not promised to anyone and that we can all get through heavy things. Jordan and his wife Caitlin get it because they have been through it and are going through it every day. Jordan lets listeners in on the lessons that he has learned along the way and the nuggets he shares are solid gold. There’s a lot to love about the time spent with Jordan but what stands out is his love for his family and the passionate advocacy he has taken up for everyone who might be considered an underdog. Listeners can find out where that comes from as they pull up a chair and give Jordan a bit of their time. To Jordan, keep going, brother. To Caitlin, thanks for believing in your man. To Brooklynn, Brylee, and Isaac…your parents are rock stars. To everyone grinding right now, lean in and let it sharpen you.
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Who Said It…

“There’s no normal life Wyatt. It’s just life. Get on with it.” –Doc Holliday in the movie Tombstone
“We talk about owning our past and present situations so we can rewrite our stories today and become the person we desire to be. Our environments and situations in life don’t define us. It’s how we tell our story in those moments that dictate who we become.” -Jonathan Anderson
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