Episode #139: Nick & Shellie Anderson-“Do the Work”

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In This Episode:
The wait is over. After a bit of a break this summer, the guys are back with the highly anticipated debut of Season 6 of The Richest Men In Town. To kick things off, Tyler and Mike are excited to bring back Nick Anderson. Nick has been on a couple of times (check out Episodes #16 and #40) but this time the guys mix it up a bit by inviting his wife Shellie to join him on the program to tell her story…and what a story she has! Her faith journey has been an arduous one but early life lessons and adversity have shaped her to live an amazingly rich life and help others do the same. In their time with the Andersons, the guys learn about:
-The importance of communication
-Empowerment vs. excuses
-The power of coaching-especially for couples!
-Releasing expectations we hold of others
-The “constant companionship” of the Holy Ghost
-Ways to intentionally enhance marriage
To Shellie, thank you for your vulnerability in sharing your story with listeners. In the midst of extremely difficult challenges, you have shown courage and grace and reminded all of us that faith is a principle of action and that the grace that is available to all of us through the Atonement of Jesus Christ gives us strength to do that which we cannot do on our own. To all of our listeners, we want to invite you to check out Shellie’s resources, including her coaching website, courses, and podcast. Let’s pray to do things differently and then, with some intentionality, commit to do the work on ourselves. That’s the only way things change. 
Show Notes
“Find out who you are and do it on purpose.” -Dolly Parton
“The way you alchemize a soulless world into a sacred world is by treating everyone as if they are sacred until the sacred in them remembers.” -Sarah Durham Wilson
Shellie Anderson Coaching
Restore Yourself, Restore Your Marriage Podcast
First Night, First Year Course
Marriage Enhancement Course
Saturday’s Warriors (1989)
The Holy Invitation by Anthony Sweat
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