Episode #140: Bryant Powell-“Everyone’s Extraordinary”

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Tyler and Mike take a chance on a recommendation from friends of the program. Troy and Daphne Blanchard are living rich lives in Ecuador these days but their referral takes the guys to Apache Junction, Arizona where they get to know Bryant Powell. It turns out that Bryant Powell is as good as it gets and in his time with the guys, he drops all kinds of goodness. Bryant takes listeners back to the early days of his faith journey, going back to building his life as a young man on the underlined words of the Savior in his seminary scriptures. He also lets the guys in on some of the ups and downs that life is currently dealing him. Tyler and Mike go along for the ride and along the way, some great topics come up including:

-Living and teaching timeless values like discipline and diligence
-Defining “Enough”
-Perfectionism and comparison
-Standing for something
-Dealing with loss
-Building families and homes

Throw in some talk about waterbeds, Pro Wings, and MCI phone cards and Bryant paints a rich life picture indeed. To the Powell family, thank you for the lives you are living. Bryant Powell, thank you for sharing your story and showing up for your family and your community. Keep going brother!
Show Notes
“Life with my parents and the other family members was natural and pleasant. Mutual support happened spontaneously and guaranteed the survival of people as well as of material and spiritual values. Until a few years ago, those bonds were so strong in the rural culture that they safeguarded ideals. The willingness to make sacrifices for others, to be able to wait for a reward, the devotion to work; for me, these are everlasting values. The joy of working together and sharing what was being produced turned work into a joyful liturgy, not a punishment. We all knew what was being done in the fields, in the garden, in the pastures, at home; planting, cultivating, raising children and helping parents. There was no wealth, but we were happy. And it makes me think: having enough is itself a form of wealth.” -Brunello Cucinelli, Italian billionaire
Apache Junction, Arizona
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